story about hyoyeon

“The 9 of us being together is more important than anything else.”
- Kim Hyoyeon, SNSD

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And have I fallen so far
And is the hour so late
That nothing remains but the cry of my hate?

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snsd’s daytime adventures in las vegas
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all was golden in the sky when the day met the night.

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They’re no joke. They own every street of the city, without question. Their leader is a born strategist and their tactics are ruthlessly effective. You’d do well to stay out of their way; anyone who proves an obstacle is met with a grisly fate. They’re the one gang you don’t mess with.

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"I may be ugly and unattractive but I am still a girl. I still deserve to be given flowers and chocolates. I still deserve to be called beautiful, because I am, inside. I am still entitled to the respect that beautiful girls get from the opposite sex instead of being the subject of harsh jokes and insults. I still deserve to be written love letters, be construed as another person’s world and happiness. I still deserve to be pursued and loved. I deserve the sincerity in every word uttered, loyalty and faithfulness instead being the rebound, an option, or getting cheated on. I still deserve to be treated well, regardless of my physical appearance. Because not being born with a beautiful face and flawless skin doesn’t make me any less of a person; more so of a girl."

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